ADR Options

A Review of Middlesex ADR Options

Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) has many features and offerings. Middlesex includes “mediation” in its name because mediation is the most common and arguably most effective.

This brief summary is not intended to capture all the features of modern ADR practices. Middlesex encourages its participants to find creative combinations of settlement procedures and practices that assure the best opportunities for the resolution of business disputes.

Pleease note that in the Mediation and Arbitration Rules attached to this site we offer a feature whereby, at your discretion, Middlesex can serve as the invitational source for an ADR process. See Mediation Rule XX and Arbitration Rule YY. Sometimes the early intervention of a neutral force for settlement avoids a perception of weakness by any party.

Although at least a limited pause in litigation is required, ADR can readily be pursued without interfering with ongoing litigation.

We encourage you to call us at Middlesex with questions or to explore with you business settlement strategies and options.