Terms of Our Engagement

Please find included, self-explanatory forms styled Agreement and Request for Mediation and Demand for Arbitration. To commence an ADR process, one of these forms must be filled out completely and delivered to Middlesex Mediation LLC.

Our fees for ADR engagements are as follows:

  • For the first full or partial day of Mediation or Arbitration………………..$6500
  • Per Hour, Per Party for every hour of study or ADR proceedings thereafter…….$350

The first day’s fee is due upon the Parties’ filing of their executed Agreement and Request for Mediation and may be allocated by the parties according to their agreement.

In the case of Arbitration, the first day’s fee is due on or before the first scheduled conference with the arbitrator and shall be shared equally between or among the parties.

Travel expenses for any ADR proceeding may be incurred if the location of a proceeding is beyond 50 miles of the City of Boston.

Fees for Case Evaluation or other ADR services will be dependent on the nature and anticipated scope of assistance to be provided.

Please submit the Contact form with any questions you may have about the terms of our services.