Our Philosophy

We believe that business, commercial and employment disputes deserve the focus and creativity of lawyers who have managed and resolved such challenges in their professional careers.

All of us, now serving as neutrals, have had extensive experience with ADR in our careers and learned first-hand successful techniques for the settlement of sensitive business disputes including executive employment, intellectual property, product distribution, unfair and deceptive trade disputes, environmental and fiduciary breach claims, among others.

Typically, complex business and commercial disputes benefit from the flexibility inherent in mediation and ADR in contrast to the one-dimensional results of litigation.

Our form Mediation Agreement and Arbitration Rules are linked to this website. Those rules and policies contain important confidentiality and conflicts provisions. They also provide that previous settlement discussions are not subject to disclosure in mediation or arbitration unless the parties agree. Our policies also provide that, with the possible exception of representatives of insurers, each party in ADR proceedings must be represented by counsel.